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About Us

AddEdge Consulting Pvt Ltd. is a young company

About AddEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd
with a vision to provide nexus between companies and the talent resource. AddEdge aims to attain an Instrumental Position with its Clients by providing unprecedented services in Recruitment field of - It equally wants it to be placed as the most preferred hiring assistance service provider to the talent pool in the industry, extending the most competitive opportunities to all career seekers. Thus, achieving it's twin focus- of 'Adding Edge' to both its Client Companies and the industry's talent pool.

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Core Values

AddEdge Consulting Pvt Ltd. as an organization stands on four fundamentals:
About AddEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd
  • Quality Delivery to Clients We focus on delivering on time without compromising on quality.

  • Dual Approach We emphasize on giving equal importance to its candidates and ensuring them career opportunity rather than only job opportunity.

  • Open Communication We believe in open and correct communication, which leads to target realization, hassle free.

  • Networking/ Relationship building We believe in building long term professional association within varied industries.

Our Team

AddEdge's team is a heterogeneous mix of experienced individuals
About AddEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd Team
carrying specialization across various industries. Our team members have built technical / non technical teams for Companies in the likes of-
Microsoft IDC, Adobe Systems, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Accenture, IBM, RBS, Bhart- Airtel, Barclays, Ernst & Young, Pearson Education and Penguin Group and various Internet/web domain Startups.

This varied background gives us an advantage to be (hiring service provider) to companies across IT and Non IT industries.

AddEdge Experience

AddEdge's USPs would extend an unique Experience as :
AddEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd Experience
  • Our one word approach is - 'Ownership'. We take ownership of each project thus, achieving every challenge.
  • AddEdge works at most Competitive Rates across industries.
  • We being a young organization support Venture Projects, and specialize in Startup hiring and business structure assistance.